More recent generations just entering the adult world rent more than ever before. Buying a home is a costly prospect most cannot afford in today’s economic climate, and many people even prefer renting to owning a home. After all, renting lays the burden of property tax, repair, maintenance, and other expenses associated with homeownership on a landlord, property manager, or property management company like Taylor Equities, the company run by Steven Taylor Taylor Equities. Apartments are the rental property of choice for many. They offer a large variety of qualities and prices, ranging from small, cheap one-room apartments to massive, expensive luxury apartments. There exist many types of apartments, but as a brief intro, here are three of the numerous kinds of apartments available.

1. Lofts

Loft apartments generally consist of a single broad, open room. High ceilings, exposed pipes, brick outer walls, no internal walls, and beams are all characteristic of loft apartments. Lofts are often converted from former industrial buildings. Their main benefit is the amount of space available, though this is accompanied by the negative of often possessing few amenities.


2. Micro Apartments

Micro apartments are, as you may infer from the name, lacking in space, and they are usually found in crowded cities where the price for space is raised because of its scarcity. They are one-room apartments that generally consist of an area less than 350 square feet in size. This tiny space usually accommodates everything needed for life, including the bed space, sitting space, kitchenette, and bathroom.

3. Studio Apartments

Similar to lofts, studio apartments are one-room places. They are smaller than lofts, with all the spaces (sitting, sleeping, and cooking) combined. There is usually a separate section for the bathroom though. Variations of studio apartments exist.

The three types of apartments listed here are not the only types out there. Apartments come in different prices, sizes and formats, and it is important to do proper research on them before renting.