Keeping a neat appearance inside and outside of your business is important to keeping customers happy. It also creates a positive work environment for your employees. When looking at the outside of your building, pay special attention to your parking area. If it looks like it could use some extra attention, having a lot professionally swept has many benefits.

Improves First Impressions

People are quick to judge on appearances and your place of business is no exception. When customers come to call, their first official interaction is with your parking area. If a lot is filled with sand, gravel, and garbage, it makes you look sloppy. By calling on parking lot sweeping services Everett, a visitor’s first impression will be positive.

Increased Safety

A dirty and dusty parking lot can become a hazard to anyone wishing to park there. Sand and gravel are slippery and the last thing you want is for someone to fall or twist an ankle because you didn’t take the time to have it cleaned. Having your lot on a schedule for professional sweeping will get rid of all accumulated dirt and debris. This is especially beneficial following a storm.

Protects the Lot’s Surface

Regular professional sweeping of your parking lot also helps protect the asphalt itself. Rocks and sand are abrasive to parking areas and with time will begin to compromise the pavement. Loose dirt will also encourage weed growth, leading to cracks. Having your lot swept each year combined with sealing will save you thousands of dollars over having it repaved.

Keeps People Honest

Since parking lot sweeping is such a dramatic improvement, it gives the impression that your building is cared for under security’s watchful eye. This will encourage people not to litter and is also a deterrent to loitering and crime. Parking areas that are filled with trash and sand look neglected and unfortunately, some people wouldn’t think twice about dumping the litter.

Prevents Storm Drain Clogs

When a lot is never cleaned, that can mean build-up for storm drains. The accumulation of leaves and trash will clog drains resulting in excess water flow that will erode your lot and surrounding lawn over time. It also causes flooding and puddles which may render part of your parking area unusable.

Keeping your building’s grounds attractive is good for business. Professional and thorough parking lot sweeping will provide your customers with a safe, attractive, and durable surface for years to come.