The organization has, now, announced that, through its associates, it has entered into a substantive appeal (“agreement”), by which Guangdong Hanfei Speculation Administration Co Ltd. (“Hanfei”) has obtained a search on 4th acquisitions in 2020. NASDAQ: AIH, a leading supplier of trendy reconstruction administrations in China is nowadays. Compatible with the deal, Hanfei, which manages and runs four trendy restorative treatment facilities, expects to achieve a premium of 51 percent. Established in 2017, Hanfei is a fashionable and complete treatment community with organizational style, non-surgical fashionable benefit, and other related services. The Hanfei procurement is in line with the company‚Äôs growth approach in the differentiation, acquisition, and incorporation of treatment centers and will allow the business to react. With profoundly standardized working methods, Hanfei will send the company’s demonstrated adaptable trade demonstration over a centralization.

AIH, alluded to in China as the Peng’ai, maybe a tool of trendy Chinese therapeutic authorities. NASDAQ: AIH at operates across rehab centers in Hong Kong and Singapore, which extend through major cities in China. Taking more than 20 years of clinical experience, AIH provides a remarkable set of delicious advantages, which include running stylish narcotics, non-surgical stylish products, and popular restaurant administration and other delicious administrations. AIH was the third-largest private tastefully restaurant supplier in China for revenues in 2018 and agreed with certain third-party specialists in the industry.

Significant of AIH

Liangyan ‘s acquisition of identification, procurement, and collaboration processing centers is in line with the business growth strategy and will allow the organization to respond to the country’s demand for delicious restorative management. NASDAQ: AIH will dispatch the company’s proven adaptable trade show through a centralized network using highly standardized working methods. Dr. Zhou Pengwu, Chairman and CEO of the firm. We will look into a reasonable cost of securing objectives. COVID-19 brings us challenges as well as openings. We are optimistic that this protection would render it a safe position for our company and advertising growth and establish long-term respect for our shareholders.

NASDAQ: AIH exceptionally attractive incentives and reversible notes were valid as of 14 November 2019 and a convertible note of US $11.0 million from 8 December 2016 was recovered. Throughout November 2019, Guangzhou Delun, a provider of dentistry therapeutic benefits, formed the main association to explore client expansion and joint venture opportunities in dental therapy institutions. A modern treatment facility has been constructed in Nanchang, Jiangxi City, and three untapped toady clinics have been developed in Fenghua, Beilun, and Deqing, Zhejiang Province. You can do stock trade after checking the latest stock news.

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