It is hard to overstate the importance of providing your business with an attractive, comfortable, functional work environment. From the client waiting area to the employee breakroom, the right office furniture sets the tone for the company. If you are in charge of decorating or redecorating your workplace, you have important decisions to make and many options.

Where Should You Shop?

The best place to buy office furniture is not necessarily the one with the lowest prices or the most elaborate showroom. Find a furniture supplier with a large selection of ergonomic pieces, who can fully outfit your space. You will appreciate the convenience of one-stop shopping and the flexibility to mix and match pieces from various manufacturers. You may prefer pristine new equipment or gently pre-owned, so try to find a dealer who offers both.

What Should You Buy?

Start with the staples and coordinate other pieces around them. Keep company culture in mind throughout the process.

Office Furniture

Reception Furniture

Your reception room affects how the public perceives your company, so make it count. Guests should be comfortable from the moment they walk in the door. A commanding reception station helps guests know where to go. Provide adequate seating and a few small tables for those waiting for service.


Get the right size desk for each workstation. If the desk is too big it will overpower the space and may make moving around the office difficult. Too small and it will not provide enough room to work. Pay attention to drawer space; front-facing employees need enough storage to keep the tops of their desks clear.


Several rooms may need tables in addition to desks. Many employees like the extra room to work. Adjustable tables allow workers to complete tasks standing up if they choose to. Additionally, your firm may need tables in the conference room, break room, and training areas.

Desk Chairs

This may be the most important piece of office equipment you select. The proper desk chair can enhance morale and improve productivity. Select ergonomic designs that provide lumbar support and height adjustability.

File Cabinets

You probably deal with less paper each year, as electronic documents become ubiquitous in many industries. Still, the paper files you do have need a proper home. Both vertical and lateral file cabinets help keep your papers organized and your space free of clutter. Consider a fireproof model for irreplaceable files.

An attractive, organized office is a successful one. Paying attention to your work environment can pay off for you.