Local SEO is a search engine marketing strategy focused on boosting organic visibility and SERP ranking on localized searches. Unlike traditional SEO, which promotes businesses to the larger online space, Local SEO targets brand exposure within a specific geographical region. It could be a country, state, town, or continent. Eyal Gutentag, an expert marketing advisor and consultant, believes that digital marketing should be a multichannel strategy that should involve as many techniques as possible, including local marketing.

Who Stands to Benefit from Local SEO?

Local SEO is not a practical marketing approach for every business. The types of businesses that can leverage this type of marketing are localized service enterprises and brick-and-mortar establishments. These are businesses looking to increase their foot traffic and sales within their local market.


Examples of such businesses include hospitality services, law firms, construction services, health and learning institutions, real estate companies, and recreation facilities. If you run a coffee shop in London, you’d want to attract coffee drinkers from London, not necessary from the whole of the UK. And that’s what Local SEO is all about – narrowing down your target audience to improve local visibility and local sales.

How Local SEO Works

There are several things you can do to optimize your website and business for local search. Here are some of the essential local SEO techniques that work with most business models.

  • On-site web optimization

On-site optimization involves using relevant, locally targeted keywords within your web content and optimizing your site’s URL, meta descriptions, headers, and tags for local search.

  • Claim Google My Business and Bing Places

Google and Bing provide valuable platforms for business listings. Fill in the details of your business on these platforms, which should include your business’s name and description, contact information, working hours, and physical address.

  • Build local citations

Local citations are mentions of your business on authoritative websites and online directories. Citations that include your business’s name, contact information, and address send strong signals to search engines.


Local SEO is a valuable and effective digital marketing strategy for localized businesses. Hopefully, thanks to this local SEO guide, you now have working knowledge on the subject. This guide should give you an idea of how to boost your local business using online marketing.